Wednesday, July 29, 2015

There isn't any bad wood!

Can you see waste?

I often get asked what is my favorite wood?  My response to the question was easy, American Holly hands down. If I had a daughter I would name her Holly, simply because I love the wood so much.  But as of recent months my response to such a question has changed. My response now would be just wood, any wood what so ever. It doesn' matter if its cupped, warped, twisted, bowed, knotty, or whatever else. I now believe in what Master furniture maker Hank Gilpin shared with me the day I visited him, "There isn't such a thing as bad wood."

Today I am a big believer that every piece of wood has a purpose, and it may take some time to know when and where to use it, but one day the wood will speak to you. In years pass when an old master would say let the wood speak to you, I would say to myself what in the world is this person thinking. Q-tips aisle 6, for my ears must be clogged.  Let the wood speak to you!!!!

Well now I understand, beauty is the eye of the beholder. The life and journey of any species of wood is a special one, and its up to us to share its beauty. So for me saw mills is where I want to buy my lumber, forget the lumber yards I want something local and weird.  What ever they have I make due, for as craftsman I should have the skills to work it and make something grand.  For added fuel to the fire please listen to the words of Mr. Hank Gilpin himself and visit his website;

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