Wednesday, August 19, 2015

All the information you want and need to know on S H E L L A C

I am always searching for great in-depth research that is easy to read, for I am always tired by the time I finally sit down after a long day behind the bench. But I also hate wasting my time if I am not learning something new and useful.  Which brings me to the amazing thesis of Juliane Derry titled;  “Investigating Shellac: Documenting the Process, Defining the Product. A study on the processing methods of Shellac, and the analysis of selected physical and chemical characteristics.” This thesis is by far the best I have ever read and extremely informative. The Don of Dons (Don Williams) said it best, "It may be the most important technical work on shellac of our generation."  

So be prepared to have your mind filled with the amazing process of shellac.



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