Friday, August 7, 2015

Why hide glue? Reversibility!

I use hot hide glue (HHG)  and Old Brown Glue (OBG) for almost everything I do. It doesn't matter if its new construction or restoration. It is by far the best glue around. Yet there is rarely a week that goes by that I am not asked, Why hide glue? Every time my response is reversible, doesn't affect the finish, strong, great open time if using OBW, and quick tack if using HHG. There isn't a need for anything else. 

It kills me to see craftspeople struggling with all sorts of issues because they are using modern adhesives. It is bad enough having to deal with modern veneer thickness. Trust me hide glue is the way to go.    

I think people are finally coming around. Just look at the loads of glue being produced Antique Refinishers Inc. otherwise known to be the baby of the Man the Legend as I like to call or harass Mr. Patrick Edwards.  

Orders just keeping coming in. 

If the benefits written don't convince you, than listen to the Man the Legend himself as he shares with you more of his knowledge.  

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