Sunday, May 6, 2018

Industrial Storage Racks

Well I never thought I would need a storage rack of this magnitude. But here I am. This racking system is rated for 2300 pounds per shelf, measures 42 inches in depth, 12 feet in height, and 16 feet +/- in length. This is rack number 3 for shop storage. But its the first metal version in the racking system. I wish I could say this would be the last of them, but realistically I need another wall full. Except that wall will be 30 inches in depth and will run at least 16 feet in length as well. 

 This is the trailer that was used to haul the load from NH. I am very grateful beyond words for the kindness of my friend Brian. A relationship developed from my wood lathe purchase. This is Brian's trailer and it worked like a dream. Thank you Brian!

 Strapped and loading. Happy to say the racks didn't weigh much. I think 5 toddlers can move the racks without supervision. We didn't have any toddlers to help but if we did we didn't have the space or booster seats. So that meant Brian and I had to move them. It took about 15 mins to load! It was amazing.
This is Brian! As always prepared and ready to help! Again thank you Brian. Lets hope I convince him to help in the next load.