Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Simple Scribe Tool Recommendation

Over the years in my repair, custom, and install work there was a need to scribe a detail to an exact dimension. While you can use a square, your finger, or whatever to scribe. But often I need something exact and consistent. This is where the Simple scribe comes in. The multi faceted tool helps scribe a variety of common dimensions like a breeze. Since I have been using the tool so much I decided to share it with you all. If interested in purchasing please visit the following link The link is a listing of all the items and tools I commonly use in my day to day work life. 


Banding Mockup for Colonial Williamsburg

Recently I was asked my mentor and Master Craftsman Patrick Edwards to make some banding samples other wise known as Toppo in French.  The image above was one of two large examples showcasing the possible options with simply adding a series of different colored wood, cutting them in different angles, thicknesses, flipping, and shifting. 

Its amazing the possibilities there is in this art of banding making. While this all appears difficult, in reality it is not. Often what is necessary is just patience.