Tuesday, June 6, 2017

School Box Class at Lie-Nielsen Tool Works

On June 3rd & 4th I was invited to teach a class at Lie Nielsen Tool Works, located in Warren, Maine. For me this is a humbling opportunity and well now its an experience.  I am happy to say the class was sold out and everyone learned a ton and had fun. Many of the students completed the school box and many are in the final stages of completion.  

If you don't know of the school box project than please head over to Lost Art Press and take a look at the amazing book titled, "The Joiner and Cabinetmaker". The school box is one of three projects detailed in the book.   

Jim was one of those students that was so good that I had to keep up with him . 

 The two photographs above are from my studio where I am in middle of making the school box. I always make the project before the class starts to prepare myself mentally and verbally. More importantly I consider the possible mistakes that may occur and the possible options to correct the possible mistakes.

Highlights of the class....

Planes just hanging out. Ready to be used and tested. 

All the saws are sharp and ready for work. 

The students hard at work. 

Deneb from Lie Nielsen going over the honing guide, the sharpening process, and the ruler trick. I think I am  a convert. 
 Highlights of the showroom....

Every tool Lie Nielsen offers is available for use. 

I went and visited a BNB that a few of the Cerritos Woodworking College Students were staying at.
The view was amazing. 

Hanging cabinet by Chris Schwarz.
Another highlight of the weekend was Liz my assistant in the class. Liz works at Lie Nielsen and has a major in furniture design and making.  I personally think Liz will make a great instructor. The passion she has and the skill she possess is just amazing. 


Camerino was one of two students from the Cerritos College of Woodworking.  I honestly have never seen a modern woodworker cut dovetails so flawless and so perfect. It was scary how skilled this kid was. I wish he lived closer so I can hire him to work with me. 

Just about every 1/2 hour I would inform the class that if this starts to feel like work it means its time to sharpen. 

Mark was very happy in the progress. 

Mr. Carpenter was a hard worker. There was huge progress in the hand skills after this weekend. 

There may not be many of us FIMsters but one thing is certain we are damn good. 

Glue up time. 

Nailing the bottom. 

Cut away plane. 

Cut away low angle jack. 

We use blue tape to hold things in place while the glue dries. 

Eric one the students from Cerritos Woodworking School in California. I took this image because he reminds me of Cheech. In all seriousness Eric is very talented and a great person. I hope he is very success in his woodworking career. 

Benjamin another student from Cerritos College is a great person. So skilled and passionate. Benjamin and I have a lot  in common. I wish he lived closer. I think we would become great friends. Another young man that I would love to hire. 

Just fitting those dovetails. These dovetails were flawless. It was breathtaking.

Well that is all folks. The class was a success. I work hard in having the students leave with a completed or almost completed project. I hate having students leaving with piles of parts. So my goal is to work them like employees but in a fun enjoyable atmosphere. I think I did just that.

Till next happy dovetails and remember this stuff is just wood and it grows on trees.