Sunday, July 19, 2015

The new journey of blogging.

A picture of me Freddy Roman behind the Chevalet. 

Many years ago I read one of the best blog posts Chris Schwarz ever wrote.  The blog post was on why to start a blog and why writing is important.  Over the years I have fought myself countless times regarding starting a blog. Some of the hesitations I endeared about writing are, why would anyone want to read my rambles, or the constant requirements of keeping a blog up and interesting for people to want to come back, and lastly of course the most important concern and lack there of is solid writing skills.

With all of this weighing on my shoulders I decided to leap into the deep end and start a blog.  The goal here is to share with you the 13 plus years of methods/techniques that I perform daily of which I take advantage of. Its my goal to help keep the craft alive, and rather than keep all that I learned to myself, I think it is time to share everything I know with others.  There is a lot of basic information out in the woodworking communities, but few go into the depths I am interested in. My hopes in this blog is to record my journey and have a reference for all.


  1. Freddy,

    I just stumbled on this and plan on reading your posts to the most current. I remember seeing your story published somewhere and found it of interest since my family is from Hartford as well. Because of this, I tend to remember your name and tend to read stories that reference you.

    I can say that your talent is evident and thank you for pursuing this profession and sharing it with us.

    Best of luck
    Steve D

    1. Steve!

      Thank you for the kind words! I'm working hard to prove that a punk kid who grew up in ghetto can survive and make a difference.