Monday, July 20, 2015

Hot Hide & Old Brown Glue. Or is it Scotch Glue

 In this video Patrick Edwards will explain why hide glue is awesome.  

Old Brown Glue (OBG) by far the best glue on the market. What is OBG? Well its nothing more than liquid hide glue hydrolyzed collagen and urea, plus all the benefits that no other glue will give you.  Hide glue is reversible, easy to clean, has great strength, and is transparent to stains and finishes.  But the best part of OBG is the lack of stress when gluing. The special formula that Pat Edwards has developed gives the user an open time of 20-30 minutes depending on humidity and temperature. That last statement alone should convince you to go out and buy it. The only disadvantage of OBW if you want to call it one is the clamp time of 24 hours, but this normal for hot hide glue as well. 

Now I am a big a believer of protein glues, hot hide glue and OBG is the standard in my studio. As a maker & restorer of furniture I enjoy protein glues, its economical, and its the only adhesive which glues to itself mechanically and chemically.  I didn't realize hide glue could adhere to itself until Patrick Edwards was lecturing me at The American School of French Marquetry located in San Diego, CA. Today I can't picture restoring or making furniture with out OBG, and I am grateful to Pat for developing such an amazing product.  

Please be aware that there is a difference between hot hide glue and OBG.  When wanting to hammer veneer hot hide glue is the best option, as the glue loses moisture and cools the glue tacks to the substate. With OBG you will need to use a caul(s) and clamps while waiting 24 hours for the glue to dry. With that in mind please understand each type has its place and advantages. Another important thing to remember is hot hide glue requires constant attention, too much water and the glue doesn't tack, not enough water and the glue is too thick and sets quickly. This is why OBG is a great option for beginners or for individuals who rather not spend the time manipulating the glue.  

The gram strength I use for hot hide glue is 192 Gram Strength. There is no need to buy high clarity, but I will stay away from the pearl type glue. To heat up the glue I enjoy using the old cast iron pots with electric burner. The reason for this is simply I can carry the glue pot around and do my repairs for a good length of time away from the electric burner.  This isn't the case with when using other types of glue pots.  Another important tip I also learned from Pat is "cold glue get cold water, and hot glue gets hot water."  Following these instructions keeps the glue in good working order. 

If you are interested in learning more about hide glue, Old Brown Glue, the man the legend Patrick Edwards, and the amazing world of Marquetry please visit;,,

Cast iron glue pots on electric burner. 


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  1. Good explanation, Freddy. I need to try Old Brown Glue.