Thursday, July 23, 2015

Saving & Perserving Hide Glue

Patrick Edwards showing how to preserve hide glue.

A common question that often comes up when students are new to protein glue is how often do you need to replace the glue in the pot? The simple response is, if you cook the glue daily and maintain it than the glue will last a long length of time. It is safe to assume that at some point the user would use all the glue in the pot and will need make more. One thing to be aware of is mold. Mold is the enemy, and once you see mold than the glue isn't any good.  Some people will debate this last statement, but I have tested it and the bond isn't as strong in comparison to non moldy glue.

For the occasional user there are ways to help preserve the hot hide glue. If you are only going to need access to the glue every few days, simply putting the glue pot in the refrigerator. If by chance you are a weekend woodworker and are rarely in need of hot hide glue, than there is another option for you.  The best option is to learn how to make hide glue sheets. For more information please visit the attached video of the man the legend Patrick Edwards as he shares the process of making hide glue sheets.

If making sheets of hide glue isn't of interest, than you are in luck for there is another option. Simply take ice cube trays and fill them with hot hide glue and put the trays in the refrigerator. What this will give you is a solid cube that can easily be tossed into the glue pot.  All these options mentioned only work with hot hide glue and not Old Brown glue.

My hopes are that I am slowly convincing you to try hide glue, for there isn't anything better in the market. If by chance you have any questions about hide glue please either contact the man the legend Patrick Edwards or post your question(s) and comments and I will respond to them in a timely manner.



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