Sunday, March 19, 2017

Triton Lumber Rack

 I recently had the luxury of receiving (2) pair of lumber racks from Triton Tools.  The racks are made from heavy gauge steel. The information given by Triton states each bar can withstand $110 pounds each.  I decided to test the bars by hanging off them to see if I would be able to snap them. Well I am happy to say the bars can withstand me pulling on them and hold my 200 pound self without issue.

 I was able to assemble the racks in less than 5 mins per section and I had four sections. The screws were star decking screws for added shear strength. As recommended I wanted to use at least 2 1/2 inch screws and that is what I used. Each section had 3-4 screws to attach to the 2x4 wall that has been modified and strengthen for added weight.

Here I am leveling each rack on center of ever other stud. Each stud is about 16 inches on center. Again amazingly this took very little time at all to set up.  An added pair hands always helps but you can do attach these without issue by yourself. 

Once all four racks are up I start filling them up. I am very happy with all the new added floor space and storage. My approach was the lightest material on the very top, like pine, basswood, and poplar. On the bottom rack I got thick material like walnut, maple, Swiss pear, etc.  

In the end I wish I got racks up sooner. But I am happy I waited for Triton to supply me with the racks. Now I need to get more. To purchase the Triton Lumber Storage Racks click on me and this will direct you to home depot which appears to be the cheapest place to get them.  

Please note I only give high praise to items that deserve it. I am and will never be bought by a supplier. These racks are just too good not to share and won't break the bank.  

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