Friday, March 10, 2017

Dust and Chemical Gas Respirator

In the field of furniture maker and restoration there are many things you must learn.  But if I had to start somewhere it would be safety protection of you eyes,hand, ears, and lungs. As we all know wood dust and chemical vapors are dangerous in many levels. The use of respirator and constant air flow is key in every shop. This is why a respirator is very important and why replacing filter cartridges are important. There are many masks out there in the world, some dedicated to wood dust, vapors, and toxic gases.  The one I have really like is the Honey Well North Half Respirator and the series of cartridges that can be purchased when working with Dust Particles  or even Gases and Vapors.  I also love this mask because it comes in different sizes and the cartridges are easy to change.  Once done using the mask I highly recommend putting the mask in a ziplock like bag to help keep the cartridges in good order.

Take it from me this will be a great investment and one you won't regret. 


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