Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Devilbiss HVLP Spray Gun

When finishing there are only 3 ways to apply a finish- by brush, pad, and spray.  While brushing and padding works perfectly fine, spraying is my preferred choice of applying most of my finishes.  The gun of choice is a (HVLP) High volume low pressure spray gun purchase TCP Global.

My newest gun which is about a month old is a gravity feed Devilbiss HVLP spot spray gun with Dekups system.  The Dekups system is nothing more than throw away or reusable liners that allows you to quickly change from dye, stain, or solvent base finishes. Since the gun is gravity feed there is very little solvent cleaning necessary. This is especially true if you are using carburetor cleaner. A couple squirts and the gun is ready for the next cup (The whole carburetor tip was given to me by the only and only Mike Mascelli, who happens to be the man behind the Groop. Groop is basically the word used to describe the professional refinishers group.).    

The reason why I am sharing this with you is simply because my finish work has been elevated to a whole new level. Not only is the quality of my finish even better, but my turn around time has increased significantly.  Now you can't do everything with the gun, but boy you can almost do it all.  What I also love about this gun is that I don't need a huge compressor.   The compressor I own was once made by Devilbiss from the 70's, its 110v, single stage, and I think about 40 gallons. The compressor is perfect for everything I do in the shop and its very quiet. 

The perks of the gun beyond the Dekups system is the control of air flow, atomizing, and balance. The gun is easy to use, to adjust, and a joy to use. So if you are in the market consider this gem. I wish I did sooner. 

The set up. A simple twist and the Dekup system is ready to go. 

The set up with cups, liners, and lids. 


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