Thursday, August 25, 2016

The power of color

Finishing and color is by far the most important aspect in furniture making. I use to think it was all about joinery and wood selection, but boy was I wrong.  You will never hear a client tell you boy those dovetails are tight or that they love the piston fit of the drawers. Most often client are going to rub their hands on the piece and say they love how it feels,  or tell you they love smell of the wood -really its the wax, and 9 of 10 they are going to say they love the color.  

How I approach finishing is simple. If it took me 40 hours to make an item I expect to spend 15-20 hours working on the finish. I look at it as 50/50.  Don't skimp on the finish for there is no way one layering of color is all it going to take to make your piece look good.  

Open your eyes to color.....

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