Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The efforts to dye furniture

I am in the mist of getting a commission of 4 chairs and table done.  The material choice for the commission is American white ash. A wood that I have a love hate relationship with.  I love the white appearance, but having to add color to it can be a real pain. It is amazing how different it is from its cousins the white and red oak.   

As I get ready to water dye the piece and apply finish I first need to go through the surface prep process. I first sand with my Festool sander with 100 grit, raise the grain with water, and than 150 grit.  Next came the hand sanding with 220 and 320 grit.  

Once the surface prep is done I apply my custom mix of transtint colorants with a rag first and than with a foam brush.  Finally when the dye has dried I can start applying varnish.  A lot more work than most may think.

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