Friday, August 19, 2016

Custom banding made and sold

The time has come to share with the world my talents, cough, cough.  Well lets stay humble.  I love what I do as an artisan.  One of my specialities is making banding. I have made 100's of different banding. Most are period inspired while others are custom.  While banding isn't difficult to make there is large learning curve. So why not just order some.

I make many of the banding to order with many are on hand.  My goal is to have about 25-30 different banding on hand. If I don't have it on hand than there is a short waiting period and there is a minimum order to justify spending my time making them.

I will posting my banding at first on my Etsy store which I am making currently. I'll write another blog post when the store is open or full.  In the near future I will have my own e-commerce store, but right now this is just easier. I have too many irons in the fire currently.  

I make many of my banding in 40" inch lengths, which ideal for all projects.  The strips are all sawn 1/16" heavy for easy of install, planing, scraping, and future repair.  I make them out all domestic and exotic woods. Please note there is a 50% waste factor when making banding. The waste factor is the saw kerf.

Stay tune for there will be a ton of offerings.

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