Thursday, December 10, 2015

Lee Valley Carbide Sharpener

 Lee Valley is selling an amazing tool for all round blade sharpening. The Universal Sharpener, is nothing more than a solid piece of carbide attached to a foldable knife like holder.  I can't take the credit for finding such an item, my mentor Mike Mascelli is the one who discovered it.  Mike was looking for a quicker way to sharpen scissors, which we usually filed by hand. Sadly these days files are not made as good as they once were, so we have been playing around with other methods.

Well we found it and its a life saver. I don't leave home with out it. But scissors are not the only thing this sharpener excels at, I use it for marking knives, kitchen knives, the knife on the making gauge, axes, spoon carving gouges, and so much more.

I decided to share this since everyone I show this to seems to think its the best thing since Lie-Nielsen starting making the honing guide.  So pick one up before Chris Schwarz blogs about it and than they are back ordered. Here is some more info on Universal Sharpener




  1. so, the marking knife. did you make that , or buy it, and isn't it the same one Phil Lowe uses?

    1. Billy's Little Bench which is bigger than mine mind you... The marking knife is 1 of 2 I purchased years ago. They are the same ones as Master Lowe as I like to call him. They were once made in Massachusetts, but the manufacture stop making them. I am buying all I can find, so I can pick the best from the bunch, and than have a mold made for casting. I'm the early stages, but I got the mold making set up.

    2. sounds great. keep us posted. I'm sure I'm not the only one interesting in possibly acquiring one.

  2. Freddy,
    Thank you for posting that you use the sharpener on kitchen knives. I had the sharpener for years but haven't used it on anything more exciting than garden pruners. Finally I got sick of "sharpening" the Henkels with no results. Got brave and tried the sharpener and now they all slice through newspaper again.

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