Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Simple Scribe Tool Recommendation

Over the years in my repair, custom, and install work there was a need to scribe a detail to an exact dimension. While you can use a square, your finger, or whatever to scribe. But often I need something exact and consistent. This is where the Simple scribe comes in. The multi faceted tool helps scribe a variety of common dimensions like a breeze. Since I have been using the tool so much I decided to share it with you all. If interested in purchasing please visit the following link The link is a listing of all the items and tools I commonly use in my day to day work life. 



  1. Interesting list of tools.
    How does the carnauba paste wax compare to 'Renaissance' wax? It's a lot cheaper.
    Also, I'm curious about the 'Timbermate' filler. Not familiar with that brand.

    --Wm. Brown

    1. Bill,

      Renaissance wax is used for unique scenarios. Often the carnauba wax in the link works great. There is also a brown color version of this wax that works wonderfully. Timbermate is amazing filler. Often used in areas not used frequently or in small cracks. The mohawk epoxy fillet is incredible. All the items listed are items I use regularly and highly recommend. I couldn’t do my craft without them. Some are used more than others. But all them are important. Cheers!

    2. Ever used "Aquacoat" clear enter based filler? I just bought some but not used it yet. Peter Gedrys says that it is not so easy to add color to.