Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sanding in the round.

In the field of furniture making and repair there isn't any tricks but rather tip and techniques. Today I will share a tip with you that I learned from Master Will Neptune. Will Neptune if you don't know him is one of the best makers I have ever had the chance to see and work next to. This isn't me bragging of an opportunity (I was called out on this once so its a sore spot and always will be). This is me sharing a tip I lucky was able to learn while sharing a shop with a master. 

As yo many know I do a ton of refinishing. Sore tired hands are always looking for anything to speeds the process along. Sanding is bad enough but sanding in the round is even worst. Especially when it comes to not ripping the sand paper as you slide it side to side. Well that isn't the case anymore. Simply add some duct tape to back of a sheet of sandpaper and rip the desired width. Now you won't tear the paper, but you surely will wear that sand paper down. 

Happy sanding. I hope this tip will be helpful to you in the future. 


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