Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Three days of Federal embellishments and protein glue.

For many working with veneer is stressful enough, but than add protein glues, mitered fields, ellipses, banding and stringing. Now that is looking for trouble. Well that is exactly how I want you feel. 
The world of hammer veneering and Federal Neoclassical embellishments is visually breathtaking, and also quite simple. Quality materials are getting harder to find and often the only option we have today is to make and work with veneer. With that in mind I am starting to offer courses across the states showing students the process of handling and preparing veneers, preparing the substrate for veneering, and how to use hot hide glue when hammer veneering. If that wasn't enough I will also show how to flatten veneer with home brewed flattening liquor, sharpen the essential tool the veneer saw, and how to use and sharpen a toothing plane. 
The substrate to which the veneer will be applied is a very important element in working with veneer. There will long discussions on how to develop a substrate worthy of veneering. After all why bother with veneer if the substrate is just going to fail. After all the prep work is done than comes the joy of embellishments, the construction of a mitered field, ellipses, stringing, cross banding, and banding (toppo a intarsia), all of which are important elements of Federal (also known as Neoclassical) furniture. The skills learned in this class can be applied to any piece of furniture. Come join me and explore the world of veneering.  Boy is it fun!
If interested for more information please visit Woodworkers Club Maryland.

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  1. Hi Freddy,
    just find your new blog. I've added it my roll and I'll read your entries during lunch this week.
    You had left a comment on one of my posts a while ago about drawer stops. I finally figured out how to install them. And it only took a year or so.