Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Woodworkers Club in Maryland

 For the next 3 days you can find me at the Maryland's Woodworkers Club teaching  one of my favorite subjects, "Hammer Veneering".  Within 5 minutes of the 2 cent tour of the "Club" I decided to be rude and stop the tour and take some quick photos of the amazing facilities.  Oh by the way the owners are awesome as well (Matt, Amy, & Chris) I wish there were more woodworking clubs like this! These folks are keeping the craft alive and sharing with the world the possibilities of working with your hands.

Instead of sharing with you my first day and all the fun we had, I decided to leave you with photos of the shop. Its just too bad you are not here enjoying the the lectures of protein glues, veneers, and of course the all the information I'm spitting out.  

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