Saturday, January 27, 2018

The New Workbench Top

In 2004 as a student of the Furniture Institute of Mass I needed a bench and only had 5 days to draw and make the bench. The size of the bench at the time was 32 inches wide and 5 feet long. The bench served me perfectly, but I wanted something longer and a tail vise. 

Long ago I thought I would always make my bench, but I quickly realized there are makers out there who can make them quicker and priced well. So I ended up buying a new bench top that will last me the rest of my life. 

I might still make the bench wider to fulfill my dream of making it in the European style bench on one edge and a Roubo style bench on the other edge. Essentially I will be making myself a smaller version of the Patrick Edwards bench. But for now this will serve me well. 

The bench top is made from Rock Maple and in dimension is 4 inches thick, 7 feet long, and 32 inches wide. The tail vise hardware comes from Lie-Nielsen Tool Works. Lets just say this bench top weighs a ton and I love it. 

Many thanks to my two friends Jasper and Brian for helping move the top and for helping me install the tail vise. 


  1. Somebody commented on your instagram about Ulmia spring clip not being available anymore.
    They still appear in their offering:

    1. Benoit,

      Thank you for commenting and sharing.



  2. What was your source for the bench top? - Andrew