Sunday, November 26, 2017

Before and After Eastlake Chair

My apologizes for the lack of blog posts. I do have a good excuse I am moving into a larger shop. I will also have my first full time subcontractor, which is scary.  This is a brand new learning experience for me, but I am excited about this new journey.   With that said I am happy to say the new shop will be more successful than I ever imagined. Lets just say location, location, location.  

Below you will find the simple reason why I love old furniture. You can simply take the so called old fashion and turn into something more modern by simply changing the fabric. The Eastlake chair came into the studio for cleaning, gluing of all loose parts, and upholstery. The end result was very pleasing to the eye and is ready for years of use. But more importantly the client was very happy. 



  1. Eastlake is one of my very most favourite styles of furniture. I don't know why we never see any build articles in PopWood or Fine Woodworking on a piece of Eastlake furniture.

    I have several pieces in my house; I like to think of it as Shaker with a bit of wheat carving (at least the pieces I have are like that).

    Great job on the restoration, Freddy.

    1. Ethan,

      I totally agree with you. Eastlake furniture is great comfortable furniture and should be appreciated and respected more. Thank you for messaging me and reading the blog.



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