Saturday, May 13, 2017

What size screw is this?

I have an addiction to old/vintage slotted screws.  Why? Slotted screws are easy to use, don't strip easy, old stock are made from quality steel, and the threads really bits into the wood. But what if the screws in the box are not what they say they are? Now imagine buckets of screws, how do you determine what size the screw is?

Buckets of old slotted screws that no one wants because they are so called hard to install.  I love buckets of screws. 

To easily determine the size of the screw I own/use many standard screw gauges. Screw gauges can easily inform you of the the size of the screw and the length. I often buys these gauges at flea markets for a few bucks.  Many may not need to know what a screw size is but for someone who repairs furniture knowing what screws I need really saves a ton of time.  
Standard Screw Gauge to determine screw dimensions. 

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