Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Medium size router.

The router is one of the most useful and versatile tools to own. Now make sure you don't confuse this tool with the electric router, for that is a totally different tool all together.  I recently received this gem of a router made by Lee Valley Veritas.  I truly router planes for so many reasons... Cleaning dados, rabbets, grooves, cavities for inlay or repair work.  

In the pass there were only two routers available, the large two handle version like the Stanley #71 or the small version like the Stanley #271.  Each one works great but often you need/want a in-between size. Today we as craftspeople are fortunate to have the ability to buy modern versions from Lee Valley and Lie Nielsen. Both companies offer great router planes. But only Lee Valley sells the medium size. 

The medium size router is ideal form majority of jobs, and the irons that fit the large router works in the medium size router. This simple function of interchanging cutters is why I had to have it. Like everything Lee Valley makes the tool is of the highest quality and works like a dream.  I highly recommend it. I love so much so that I am selling off my  Stanley and Sargent #271 size routers.


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