Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Where can I buy thick veneer?

 Today veneers are often sawn paper thin on automated machines. While this is understandable I also fear the pieces we make won’t last as long as we hoped. This is why sawing your own veneers is a recommend option. 

Below are two example on how veneer was sliced in the old days.

Today I recommend using a bandsaw or buying from certainly wood who offers a thick veneer section on their website. There isn’t a ton of designer options but there is plenty of great material.

Examples from certainly wood website:

Another issue with manufactured sliced veneer being so thin is that the logs are soaked in water for a long time and steam dry heated as they are sawn. This removes a lot of the beauty and color of the wood. But I’ll dive into this much later on another blog post. 

A bandsaw like a delta 14 inch with a 1/2 inch wide blade with 2-4 teeth per inch skip tooth does wonder in resawing solid stock. If you can get air dried lumber the results I believe are even better. Just reminder to set up the bandsaw properly have your jointer and planer tuned up so the veneer can be cleaned up with ease.

Lastly don’t fear trying veneer, it amazing what you can do with wood at 1/16 of inch thick. 


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