Saturday, April 11, 2020

Weatherizing an entry door.

Last few years many clients have been inquiring if there is anything that can be done to help seal the gaps around their entry doors. The reason for this request is due to the lost of heat and cold coming in and escaping from the home. Unfortunately there isn't many great options out there in the market but that changed once I noticed an article in Fine Homebuilding and an episode on This Old House. 

Let me introduce to you the corning tool that fits in a corner and cuts a groove for plastic membranes of a variety diameters to fill almost all gaps around the door. All the information regarding tooling and membranes can be found at conservation technologies and the company is located in Connecticut. Below you will find a few images of the recent install I did for a client. The process takes about 15-20 mins to do but the investment is well over $500 dollars for all the membrane sizes and tooling.  In the end its worth knowing that you can seal your entry door properly and save money. 


  1. What is this tool called? Make/model? Looks pretty cool and I'm sure that it would pay for itself after installs on a handful of houses.

  2. Thanks lot for introducing the corning tool to us.Yeah, sealing the gaps around the entry doors is indeed a great concern for many home owners. But your experience obviously will be helpful for many of us who are really in need of solving the problem.